Gardens & Grounds

The Complete Gardening Service


This is a comprehensive year-round service, where all the components of gardening are brought together in the right measures and at the right time. We use our knowledge and expertise to create a complete maintenance programme that is tailored to your own garden. Seasonal changes dictate which jobs are more important at each particular time of year. As work is carried out through a regular schedule of visits, our fingers are never off the pulse and we can react perfectly to the changes in your garden as they occur.

Our garden maintenance programme is at the heart of what we do at Gardens & Grounds and we get tremendous pleasure from your garden as we follow it through the seasons. In essence, we treat your garden as if it was our own, but we give it back at the end of each visit. The service offers you ultimate peace of mind, allowing you to utilise your time in other ways. It's perfect for those who enjoy the look of a beautifully kept garden, but are limited in time, energy or the expertise to achieve it.

We can work autonomously, year after year, or can respond to requests on a visit by visit basis. Since your happiness is our goal and every garden is an expression of personal taste, we welcome any suggestions that you may have.

Gardens & Grounds operates independently of electricity or water supply. We use the best equipment for the job, which blended with our expertise enables us to work efficiently even if the house is empty. In fact, at least 60% of our existing gardens have absent owners at the time of our visit. In addition to gardening, we keep an eye out for your property itself and will contact you if there are any issues that may need your attention.

A typical visit could include;

Mowing and edging lawns

Weeding & hoeing beds

Hedge trimming

Plant care

Shrub pruning

Leaf and debris clearance

Weed control in paths

Litter removal