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Hedges come in all different shapes, sizes and varieties. Yew, Box, Beech, Hornbeam, Privet, Western Red Cedar, Laurel, Rose, Forsythia, Cyprus and Hawthorn are just some of the more common species from a very long list of possibilities. All are wildlife friendly and each has their individual merits for enhancing the garden. Most hedges are formal and require regular clipping, but even the informal types need to be cut once a year to maintain their size and shape and promote a healthy, dense structure.

Hedge cutting is often viewed as a chore, but at Gardens & Grounds we find that there few things more instantly satisfying. Within a relatively short space of time an overgrown tangle can be transformed into a strikingly precise piece of garden architecture. Effective hedge trimming is all about having an artistic eye, a wealth of practice and sharp weaponry. At Gardens & Grounds we cut hedges on a daily basis so you can rest assured that we are highly skilled at this task.

Our hedge services include;

Hedge trimming