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A well maintained lawn is an asset to any garden, setting a lush green scene for your plants, trees and home. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the lawn in the visual effect of most gardens, but very few lawns reach close to their potential. At Gardens & Grounds, lawn care is a particular passion and we have tremendous knowledge and expertise on this subject.

Correct and regular mowing is one of the most important aspects of lawn care. In fact, it is fundamental to the improvement of your lawn. Mowing is traditionally viewed as a chore and is commonly administered with poor technique and at inappropriately lengthy or irregular intervals. All too often the lay-person treats their grass with less respect than they do their hair. Whilst each strand of hair is dead once it leaves the root and cares not how frequently or to what degree it is cut, it is important to remember that your lawn is a carpet of thousands of living plants that demand care. Correct and regular mowing promotes the development of dense, healthy turf.

Gardens & Grounds
offers a scheduled mowing service and is an integral part of the maintenance programme of garden care. However, even correct mowing is but one step in achieving a high quality lawn. The complexity of lawn care is such that we have set up a specialist arm to the company targeting the needs of ailing turf.

Our lawn services include;

Professional mowing service

Lawn treatment programme

Lawn fertilisation

Lawn weed eradication

Moss treatment


Hollow-tine aeration

Top dressing

Leaf clearance