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It's fair to say that at Gardens & Grounds, we love plants. It's the passion that brought us to this occupation and gives us the drive to continually improve the gardens in which we work. We pride ourselves in the breadth and detail of knowledge that we have of garden plants and their care, and we would like the opportunity to apply our expertise within your garden.

Plant health is a complex subject that is dependant on soil pH, nutrient levels, water availability, microclimate, neighbouring species, prevalence of pests and disease, etc. Moreover, each and every species (and variety within species for that matter) needs a different combination of influencing factors and pruning requirements; making the subject dauntingly vast in size. For any gardener to be successful, they must have a very sound grasp of these requirements in order to choose and rear healthy, garden plants of a sufficient diversity to fulfil their garden design. And, as if that isn't enough, gardeners must also know the requirements and reproductive biology of all weeds and unwanted plants, so that they may be tackled effectively. As a result, even a knowledgeable and experienced gardener is never far from their library of reference books, and at Gardens & Grounds we are no exception. Gardening offers a lifetime of learning and putting into practise: What can be more satisfying that that?

You can be confident in the wealth of our plant knowledge, and that Gardens & Grounds has the experience and vigour to tackle all of your plant care issues.

Our plant care services include;

Planting and separation

Shrub pruning

Herbaceous borders

Mixed borders

Climbing plants



Disease and pest control

Weed control