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Gardens & Grounds offers a number of services for trees and large woody shrubs, including diverse pruning techniques and felling.

Providing you have the space, no garden should be without these varied and beautiful large plants. They provide valued structure to any garden design and they deserve expert care, which Gardens & Grounds can provide. Young trees often require formative pruning to achieve healthy maturity with good shape, whilst older trees and shrubs can out grow their location and accumulate dead wood. Wind damaged trees must be pruned for the tree's health and perhaps the safety of people around, and fallen trees may need to be cleared from the ground. Many large shrubs, such as Rhododendrons, have a habit of taking over a garden and can be periodically hard pruned to reduce the risk of wind damage and rejuvenate dense growth and flowering, whilst fruit trees can be pruned specifically to increase their juicy crop. The list is endless.

As with all forms of pruning, it is of paramount importance to have species specific knowledge of what to do and at what time. Armed with this knowledge and the expert use of appropriate equipment, Gardens & Grounds is ideally positioned to solve your tree and large-shrub problems. As you would expect, we have comprehensive public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

Our tree and large-shrub pruning services include;

Formative pruning

Rejuvenating pruning

Crown lifting

Crown reduction

Crown thinning

Crown cleaning

Dead wooding



Tree felling